How to support victims of rape in Ukraine get an aboriton

As the war in Ukraine continues, human rights organisations and the media are exposing more and more cases of atrocious violence against women.  Rape, abuse, and aggression are being used as weapons of war and as the president of International Women’s Rights Center La Strada-Ukraine (IWCLASU) pointed out to The Guardian, it’s highly likely that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The International Women’s Rights Center La Strada-Ukraine is a non-profit organisation that supports women survivors of human-trafficking, domestic violence and sexual violence.

Rape has always been a potent weapon for war, social control and power abuse, and never just the product of armed conflicts: think of the abducted Sabine women, the Congolese civil wars, the enslaved Yazidi women and the Bosnian muslim women in ex Yugoslavia.

Different social organisations are supporting women victims of male violence—violence that is ever more brutal in wartime. These organisations are working online to provide information, medical, legal and psycological support to women who have been sexually abused. They are also securing safe spaces and refuges for women and girls who are escaping domestic violence and the war.

Below you will find a list of three organisations that provide information about travel, accommodation and abortion clinics, and that offer consultations, financial aid and logistical support to people who need to have an abortion outside of their country or people who need access to information about reliable companies supplying safe abortion pills that can be taken at home.

We can all do our bit to contribute to this international support network by making a donation to any of the following:

Abortion Without Borders
Abortion Support Network
Women on Web